Thursday, June 26, 2008

On the Shelf

I bought a couple of cheap shelves at Lowes, and I needed a phillips head screwdriver. For some reason no matter how many we have...there's never one where it's supposed to be in this house. Hubby went out and came back with a screwdriver just for me. Maybe this one won't disappear!

Here are the shelves all put together. Our house is cottage sized and has very small closets. We are always looking for more storage. I put hubby's shoes on the bottom shelf where they don't show much. I still want to doll this shelf up with a dresser scarf and some accessories. I need to rearrange the pictures and I'm planning to paint all the frames white. Holy moly, I still have a lot to do!

I'm a magazine junkie...I admit it. This is just a little portion of the ones I couldn't throw out. We are a reading family, yet we only have one bookshelf in the house. Now we have a little more. I splurged on a couple of those Shabby Chic baskets at Target. As Dot mentioned in her comment on the last post, there are a lot of things needed for everyday life that you almost never see in a decorating magazine. Like the Kleenex box. I have it in that top basket where hopefully it doesn't show as much but is still easy to reach. And of course you don't see shoes stored out in the open too much either. I want everything to be pretty, but I really want it to work too.

Mom, can we go for a walk now?


Sonja said...

I have one of those screwdrivers too! Just for me. Have you thought of putting a little lace on a tension rod to hide the shoes? Love the shappy chic look in a bed room. It's so relaxing.

pedalpower said...

sonja, that's a great idea. Especially since most of them are dress shoes he only wears once a week.

Jennifer said...

What a beautiful poodle! I love her coloration.

I periodically have a huge supply of magazines... then I get rid of them and start again.

Cami said...

I'm a magazine junkie myself. Solved the problem w/ the giant black bookshelf in my living room put together w/ 4 separate units from IKEA. One of my alltime favorite space solvers. I still have a pile by the bed, on the bed, on the floor by the bed.

Your pup is gorgeous by the way. I hope you got to take that much needed walk.

Dot said...

Another magazine junkie raising her hand! Your bedroom is coming together nicely. I got my porch you can come over and sit with me some evening. Your son was over today (I love that boy!) and he asked me why I hadn't been to your house in awhile. LOL I'll try to take a walk one day this week and visit you...I wanna see that bedroom and your porch!