Monday, June 09, 2008

Graduation Party

It was party time at our house this weekend. Our daughter graduated from high school...we had a house full of relatives and teenagers. It has been thunderstorming and raining for several weeks here, so we set up all the food and things inside. We put tables and volleyball and bean bag games outside in case it was nice. It actually rained a little bit and we had a tornado touch down near here! The sun came out then and aside from being swelteringly humid, it was sunny and nice.DD made some nice scrapbooks of junior and senior high and we put up pics from babyhood to the present. We got a little carried away, but it was fun to have lots of photos out where we could see them instead of packed in boxes.
I didn't take pics until the end, so I missed nice food and table is the little gift table after she opened presents.
This is the only shot I got of DD...getting a lift from one of her brother's buddies.
In case you thought I was kidding about not getting any pictures until the party was almost is my picture of the cake!


Dot said...

I had a great time! I know my hubby and boys did too. You really know how to throw a party even through rain and tornado sirens.

I loved all the pics. It was fun to see her "grow up". And I am a witness that there was a cake and it was lovely...but I didn't taste it so I have no idea if it was good. LOL

Thanks for inviting me!

Mary Anne said...

Thanks for the congrats re: my son's graduation and ...... CONGRATULATIONS to you too on your daughter's graduation!!!

A Lovely Thing said...

LOL. That cake picture is priceless. Better than leftovers to tempt you tomorrow ;)

So, how are mom and dad? I know how I felt when my son graduated. Mixed emotions of pride and sadness that childhood was officially over.

pedalpower said...

Yes, I'm very proud of her and our son, and feeling a little at loose ends because they are so grown up. I was one of those moms who went to all the activities and stayed home with them. When I went back to work part time, I was home by 3 when they came home...everything revolved around them...and all of the sudden (it seems!) they are young adults. I think it helps that I'm working on my shop now. And I'm so enjoying watching them start their young lives.

Julie said...

Your daughter is stunning! Obviously the party was a success too.