Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Dining Room Window Curtains

 I've been trying to figure out whether I wanted to put dining room window curtains up. If there was a lot of greenery out there, I probably wouldn't, but instead it's the white of my very nice neighbor's house. I thank God for my wonderful neighbors! I decided to put up some curtains on the bottom half of the window and let those triple pane upper sashes show off.
This is the first project for my new sewing machine. So far so good! I used the same fabric that I used for curtains in the kitchen, which is actually some Ikea curtains that I've been cutting up and remaking to fit my windows. I love the print because it somehow seems to fit in my craftsman house...has an imperfect hand printed look to it, even though is, of course, mass produced for a big chain.  They are just hung on little tension rods from Walmart.
Lately, I've been mulling over whether to keep this blog. I like having it as a diary of my homes, and a way to share, but I also do much of that on Facebook these days. I dropped of the face of the blogging world when my computer broke and it took so long to buy a new one. Some things are just not easy to do from a phone, and blogging is one of them.