Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cozy Bungalow

I bought a house! It's in my old neighborhood and I love that...I already know lots of the neighbors! Here are some pics we took the day I got the keys:
 I'm going to love this. It's a nice big south facing front porch...and it's shaded by trees...ahhhh.
The dining room has a pretty buffet with little mirrors across the back. The living room has a fireplace! All the windows on this side of the house are original, and I'm glad because they have lots of character. The windows in the other side of the house have been replaced and they are mostly in the bedrooms.

This is the other end of the living room. The little room through the French doors will be my art studio. The stairs lead to finished attic space.
The fireplace. I'm thinking built in book cases on either side of it. I've seen that in lots of craftsman style houses, and I could use the book storage space.
Here is the kitchen. The sliding door leads to a nice deck.
More of the kitchen. Wright's is coming to replace the kitchen floor soon, with something that matches the back splash better than blue plaid.
Not a big kitchen, but I think I can make it work.

Living Room
Living room looking towards the front door.

I'm excited to work on this. It's just right for me: not to big, and not too small. Most of the work are things I can do like painting and gardening, because the former owner kept the house in good shape. Hawkeye and I are looking forward to having fires in the evening...we have both missed that in our rental house.


Over the summer I biked more days than not and lost 15 pounds without even really trying. I've noticed a few of those creeping back since it's gotten windy and cold here. So, I'm going to participate in Movemeber, when lots of men grow their mustache to raise awareness about men's cancer.
So you might ask, "What does that have to do with losing weight?"  Well, Barbara at Running Strong for Hope has turned it into a fitness challenge as well. Just move for 30 minutes every day during the month of November. Anything counts as long as you keep moving for at least 30 minutes: raking leaves, playing tag with the kids, jogging, walking, dancing, etc.
I can't grow a mustache, but I can move.  Want to join me? Move every day, and if you want to make a donation you may do so on my page.