Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cleaning Up...and all

Our town is cleaning up after the flood. Many homes have huge piles of all their ruined belongings on the curb. Now carpeting, drywall and such is appearing in those piles as well. The Red Cross is in town giving assistance to those who need it. I don't know how they are going to clean up some of the homes....such a mess. It really makes me think about what the south is still dealing with after Katrina. Our flood was so small compared to Katrina, but many families are dealing with losing so much that is important to them. We were very fortunate at our home. Our garage flooded and we are making our pile of stuff that was ruined, but we had no damage in our home.
I've started a short term project and I'm making pretty good time on it. I'm crocheting a blanket for Tricot du Coeur. We are making blankets for Victory Junction Camp. Children with many different health problems get to attend camp free...it looks like a fabulous place. Each child also takes home a Teddy bear and a handmade afghan. The only requirement is size and bright colors. The deadline to donate through Tricot du Coeur is March 30 so if you have time you might want to check it out. I'm pretty sure you can donate a handmade blanket at any time directly to the camp as well.

Since this is a ripple blanket, I'm also joining the Ripplealong gang.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Flood Pontiac Illinois

The water is receding and folks are piling up ruined belongings by the curb. I found this video of some boys out in a boat on their street right here in town.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Have Boat,

I hope we won't need it though! As you can see the river is half way up the patio. I'm standing just inside the screen door for our porch.
Normally the river is 2 blocks way and down a steep bank. We had a lot of rain a couple of days ago, but most of this water is coming from upstream.

We've still got the pumps going. I've been assigned to stay up til at least midnight so someone will hear if they run out of gas. The guys are getting some much needed rest...they've been up since 4am Tuesday. At our house we have one gas one going and one regular electric sump pump.

Flood 08

Looking towards downtown.
Our back yard.
This is Mom and Dad's home.

Scenes of Vermillion Flooding

Normally one of the nicest parts of living here is the little river running quietly through town. Tonight it is expected to crest at record levels. Normally you can't see the water from where I'm standing because it's down a steep bank. I'm standing in a lady's yard to take this pic.
This is my Dad and Mom's basement...they live right behind us...one lot closer to the river. Their home has never had a sump well though. It makes a big difference and Dad says they will be putting at least one in after this. My BIL brought some gas powered pumps and they are saving the day by saving Dad's new furnace.

My dad and Joe's dad getting another pump going.
Looking towards the Play Park. This neighborhood has been evacuated.
Joe putting another pump in...those gas ones worked so great he went out and got one for us to keep. As you can see we don't have near as much water. Our sump pump has been running like mad so Joe is trying to give it a little help with the new one.

Pedestrian bridge 2 blocks from our home. The water is usually far beneath this bridge.
Neighbors helping each other with sandbags. Joe and the dads went down and bagged for a while.
Driving by Washington School. Volunteers worked like crazy last night trying to save the school, but finally they had to make everyone leave.

It's still going up so we may have another post yet tonight.