Wednesday, June 04, 2008

My Sister's Garden

A long time ago at the beginning of my blog I posted pictures of my sister and brother-in-law's garden, but when I canceled my picture trail account I lost the pics. So here it is again, in all its springtime glory.
They built this pergola from osage's a really tough tree that lasts pretty much forever. Such a wonderful place to sit and swing in the shade.
The wisteria is going crazy and has had to be trimmed. It's so romantic. These photos were taken at high the lighting is not the best. Sometime I'll have to be there in early morning. But I don't do early very well.
They built this Victorian style house new. Inside it has a nice open floor plan. It also has wonderful detailing. They used trim salvaged from old homes to trim out their windows and walls. The stair railing is also vintage. Some of the flooring came from the little old house that used to stand in this spot and was built by my BIL's great grandparents. Come to think of it, I need to do a post just about this house.
Helping dad pull weeds.
My sister likes to plan the garden and make flower arrangements.
Her husband likes to execute the plans and do the gardening.
A match made in heaven.
My sis walks down the driveway towards a split rail fence to look at the roses growing there.
My dog follows along.Here's what we saw when we got there.

This aisle leads to the pergola in the previous picture. The plants are sweet autumn clematis which looks beautiful in the fall.....covering the archway with loads of little white blooms.
Standing at the opposite end looking towards the pergola and isle of clematis. My daughter says she wants to be married in this garden. I can't say I blame her!


Anonymous said...

Wow that is just beautiful. That is an awesome spot to get married in.

Julie said...

How beautiful!!! I just discovered that Clamitis (spelling??) grows wild on the back side of our property and I plan to transplant some of it soon!

Dot said...

It is just beautiful! I can see your daughter in her wedding gown walking across the garden...but not too soon! LOL I remember seeing the house when it was in progress...they were just about ready to move in. I would love to see all the special touches I'm sure your sister gave it after the move.

Jennifer said...

Lovely! What a place to relax. Thanks for sharing!

Michele said...

Absolutely STUNNING!!! What a romantic and fairy-tale-like garden!!! I'd love to be married there, too, so I can see why your daughter wants to. That rose is gorgeous!!


kmclaughlin said...

beautiful garden!!!
that would be an dreamy place for a wedding!
hugs, kim