Friday, September 15, 2006

Bonnet, yoyo's and more neat stuff!

Recently I quit my job at the grocery store (I have been working as a cashier for the past 10 months). Now I am going to try and concentrate on home, ebay, and substituting at the grade that order. I used to have an antique store called Home Again. Now that I no longer have the store I just occasionally put something on ebay when I find something too cool to pass up. Above is a pic of the store window...looking out towards the square. It was fun having a shop on the square, but we just could not get the traffic we needed to stay open. We were there for two years.

I found this sweet little bonnet at a sale a few years ago....It unbuttons into a very simple shape that would be easy to use as a pattern for more.

Aren't these the cutest?! I believe they are tie backs for curtains and I think they would be sooo cute with simple white muslin curtains. They are made from yoyo's. They look like something straight out of Home Companion magazine.

Sweet little child's dress with blue hand embroidery!

This little baby dress is made from the finest cotton with white on white embroidery....would be cute on a doll or as a nursery decoration.

I have listed all of these on ebay.