Friday, October 25, 2013

Now it feels like fall.....

Today I broke out the boots for the first time this year. Boots are one of my favorite things about winter. What's not to like about something so warm and comfy as pair of kick-ass boots?
I saw this beauty on my walk this morning. Usually we have color much earlier in the midwest, but this year our first frost was just this week.

Soon I'll be closing the shop on Mondays, and also closing at 4pm. It's our slow season, and that will give me a tiny bit of daylight hours to get something done at home. Lots of leaf raking and putting away the summer stuff is first on the list.  I also want to get my art room sorted out, and then I'll be starting to paint the kitchen.

This kitty was peeping in Mom and Dad's window one night, and we shooed it away, and when I got home, this is what I saw at my back door. It tried to follow us in at Mom's.  It's very friendly and pretty, too. Surely it has a home somewhere. I'm not much of a cat person, but I hate to see her get cold.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Art Studio Table

I just bought this awesome vintage table from one of the dealers at Old City Hall Shoppes (like us on Facebook too!). I think the enamel surface will be great with all the paint and such that gets slung around doing mixed media work. I'm working on this little room that's off my living room, and it will be my art room.
 Here is the little room right after the wallpaper was stripped.
Here it is again after I'd moved in, and was organizing. Well now that room as been a catch-all for everything, and it's time for me to get busy making it workable. I've got a commission I'm excited to start working on, and now that the shop is slowing down for the winter, it's time!