Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Porch Time

At our house, summer is a time for hanging out on the porch...we live out there. Last year I bought some fabric to make new cushions for the glider and wicker, so this year I tackled it. It's mostly done now...just a few finishing touches to go. The hammock is a souvenir from Hawaii...very comfy!

Of course it's important to have a good assistant! I got a new piece of foam (denser and thicker) for the seat of the glider. The old piece lets you feel the straps under you...time to change that.

Then I used the old seat cushion as the back....that's what I'm cutting in the photo above. A great way to cut foam is to use your electric knife.

Now the seats are together, but I need a few cushions to throw around. The porch has a lot of crazy color...it's cheerful anyway!

Joe is working on building some bookshelves for the living room. This is something I've wanted for a long time...some floor to ceiling bookshelves to get all the books off the floors, stacked on tables.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hawaiian Sands

Black sand beach in the Puna district.

Beautiful Hapuna Beach

Salt and pepper (or rather coral and lava!) sand at Kahalu'u Beach Park. Great place to snorkel!

Waikiki Beach

There are so many beautiful sands and I wish I had thought to photograph them all...since I don't want the curse of Pele for taking any lava..or sand made from lava either!