Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bathroom Finished

We just spiffed it up a little by trimming out the floor and painting all the trim a fresh lighter cream color. The rest of the stuff we did in a previous makeover 8 years ago.

The magazine rack is a rail off of an old baby crib. I got 2 of them at an auction. I sold one by displaying it like this. Then I decided to keep this one.
Here is the sink all finished. Joe built the counter top and tiled it. We simply hung a skirt around the bottom storage area with hook and loop tape. Makes it super easy to wash.
Ahhh, the trim around the floor. Have I told you how happy that makes me? Oh yes, I guess I have. If you are a do-it-your-selfer, slowly renovating a house, you probably know how I feel.
One of the commenters on a previous post about the bathroom wanted to see the sink. This is the new kohler sink we got at a garage sale for a dollar and then had to splurge on the faucet to get one that fit. It's not especially fancy, but it was the only one set up for a sink like this one. If it ever breaks I think we might be able to use a kitchen faucet.
I have to say the brass finish is lasting very's a Kohler faucet. This style sink is wonderful for washing your hair in...and great for bathing a baby too!

It feels so good to get this done and the bathroom back together.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Big Night....and housepainting and gardening

We had a big night...our youngest graduated from high school. How does time fly by so quickly?! It seems like just yesterday we were walking her to grade school, and now she's a wonderful young woman. Here she is getting a hug from her brother after the ceremony.
Joe finished up the gable today and is moving down to the next level. Looking good! I sure wish whoever installed that vent had centered it.

Years ago I planted slender duetzia shrubs in the planter box in front of the porch. I love how it has matured and weeps over the front of the planter. Apparently Hawkeye thinks they smell good too! Or maybe there is a bunny in there.
We have some wild columbine growing here and there in our seeds freely and I like them popping up all over. Other gardeners who like their flowers to stay where they are put might not be so crazy about them. Thank goodness we have plants like these...I still don't have any annuals in the ground yet.
We've hung a hummingbird feeder near these since we usually see hummers feeding from them, but so far haven't seen a hummingbird.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Scraping and Sewing

Today I started out to scrape the front porch. I got the inside scraped and caulked, but I didn't even get to the outside. And OOOOh am I ever sore. Remember I said I need to get back into shape? Boy can I feel it tonight!
Here it is right after I scraped.
I'm trying to help with the low parts, because in a week we need to be packing up the scaffolding and getting ready for a graduation party.... our little girl graduates from high school. I can hardly believe it.
And here is my other project. I bought some outdoor fabric to recover the cushions on the back porch. How's that for bright and cheerful? Eventually I'd like to paint the glider match the cute little breakfast set we got at Kmart last week. The glider is a garage sale mom and dad found it and bought it for me for my birthday one year. $25....gotta love a deal like that!
I'm probably going to make some little throw pillows out of this tablecloth. Don't you just love the girl out flower shopping?!

Tonight I really should put the last coat on the bathroom trim. If I can move.

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Cottage Charm Giveaway!

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fish Scales

He's making progress. This was right before he had to get down due to lightening. I'd like to help with this but I'd be in tears up there....I wish heights didn't bother me, but they do.

Priming the Bathroom/ Before Shots

I've been working on priming the trim and doors that you saw in the last post, and I thought I'd give you some background on this room. this is what it looked like when we bought the house. Complete with plastic, sort of wood looking vanity.
We bought this house in 1988 and this definitely looks like an eighties bath in an old home. In 1999 we decided that we couldn't stand it any longer. I tried to strip the wallpaper, but the wall board came with it. We did not want to gut the room at this point, so I decided to cover it if possible.
Joe and I primed lots of paper bags and tore them up into random pieces which my sis and mom and I applied with wallpaper paste. We planned to do a paint treatment over the paper.
At this time, I got terrified that I had actually made an even worse mess of the bathroom and that we'd still have to gut it.
So I mixed up some paint and did the wall behind the door...and I liked it pretty well!
We found a brand new Kohler sink at a garage sale for a dollar. Which seemed like a great deal until we realized it was a very unusual sink and would require a faucet which cost a couple of hundred bucks over what we would usually spend on a faucet. We bit the bullet and ordered the faucet. Here you see Joe constructing the counter top. He also laid a green vinyl floor.
Counter top almost done. You can see that we had to curve it back to make way for the closet (under the stair) door. I don't have pic, but a skirt hangs under this counter to cover the storage space. I wanted a vintage mirror with no medicine cabinet, but Joe wanted a medicine cabinet. Sometimes you have to compromise...I know Joe does what I want a lot, so turn about's fair play. I'm still not wild about the light on this, and may be trying to find a way to alter the lighting situation and a still keep the cabinet. Any ideas?
The business end of the room. I etched the glass on the window so we wouldn't have to have a curtain. I would love to replace the window with a bigger sash window like in the rest of the house. We could put shutters over the bottom section.

Now the room has been like this for years. We had shower doors for a long time, but they were a pain and now we have a curtain. As you can see I painted the trim a darker color the first time, and now I am going to paint it a lighter creamy color to try and freshen it up. Except the ceiling trim...I like how that kind of just blends in with the border. I'll keep you posted and show more pics as I get things back together.
Today's work....... filled nail holes and primed the doors and jams.
My helper got a little primer on his nose.

While I was doing this, Joe was up on the scaffold painting the fishscale siding on our front gable.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Bathroom Trim

Ahh, a lovely picture of the throne. But wait, look past the throne and what do you see? Baseboard!!!!! You have no idea how happy this makes me! We did this bathroom right before our Year 2000 New Years Party. Every time I sat here, I would get irritated that we still didn't have trim around this floor. Joe has the this week and next week off and he has been knocking out some jobs that have been waiting a long time.
Now tomorrow I have to pick out some paint. I'm going to paint all the trim in this room and that should freshen it up pretty well. Looking at this pic, I think I may have to fill the nail holes too.

Edited to add: I just wanted to say that Joe cut these corner blocks...I think they turned out very nice!


I was recently tagged by Margo at Robolady. If you like recycling things in a new way you should visit her blog. She's full of ideas! I need to think of 7 random things about myself and then pass this on. So I'll try and come up with 7 new things that I've not shared before.

1. The best practical joke I ever did: sneaking into (breaking and entering!) a friend's apartment and rearranging and hiding his stuff. Several weeks later we visited him and there were still dishes hidden in his overhead light fixture. What can I was college. And were lucky not to be caught.
2. I'm afraid of heights. Afraid enough that I sometimes end up in tears when attempting high up home repairs.
3. My desk really does look something like the cartoon above.
4. I'm 45 and I still want a tree house.
5. In my baby book it says "When I grow up I want to be: a trapeze artist and queen of the Rose Bowl parade." I guess I've always been very practical ;o)
6. My "new" used car has a ton of gadgets---and I love them!!
7. I'd like to bicycle from my house to my sister's house in Indiana. 220 miles.

I'm tagging:
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Stay tuned....Joe is putting in the baseboards around our bathroom today, and I hope to post a picture tonight!