Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 4...Culver to Winona Lake

We started the day with a great breakfast of fruit and quiche. Yum!
We rode merrily along for a long while, enjoying the wildlife,
checking out the corn harvest (I think it's pretty big!),

and some pretty cool local artwork.

And then it happened. Joe's tire (not the tube) blew. He was able to patch it back together with a candy wrapper, tape and a new tube....and it made it another 9.5 miles! Just a half mile from our destination it blew out again. So he called around and found a source for the new tire, and we pushed the bikes the last half mile. Of course, when he had to call around, and get phone numbers for bike shops, where do you suppose the only pen we had was...that's right, in my knitting bag!
We arrived at the Blue Heron Guest House in Winona Lake, none the worse for the wear. We cleaned up, met Grandpa Joe (who arrived with the new tire!) and the three of us went out for a great dinner. We biked 30 miles with lots of serious hills. I still love hills.

We have a beautiful room, and if I can, I'm going to coax Sophie the afghan hound to sleep with us.

What did I learn today?
  • Grandpa Joe is a saint.
  • Again, knitter's carry handy stuff in their bags.
  • A blown tire really can be fixed (for a while!) with a candy wrapper!


Dot said...

What a beautiful, romantic B&B!!! I'm watching your progress as we progress by minivan across KY.

Renee said...

What a lovely post, from breakfast to B&B. Who knew, I'd never have guessed you could repair a tire with a candy wrapper!