Sunday, June 22, 2008

Busy day....started bedroom

Today started out with a big gathering on the square in support for keeping the Pontiac Prison open. Our governor is threatening to close the prison to save money. This of course would be devastating to our local economy as well. Our prison does have some very old (even historic) buildings, but it has all been recently updated and serves as a model of how to incarcerate very tough criminals. Hopefully the closing will never happen. If the state could find the money, they could reduce the overcrowding by opening another prison (which is already built), solving a problem and creating new jobs. Of course, money is the big factor here. A large group of citizens turned out....the crowd actually goes further to left and right but that's all I could get in with my lens.

People always ask me what it's like having a prison so nearby. Mostly it's like having any other big facility or company does not make alot of noise or create a problem in the community. And it provides a lot of good jobs to the area citizens.....and a lot of workers who support the local economy.

This is Senator Rutherford getting in place for the photo. He's working hard to try and keep the prison open.

The photographers are are way, way up there in the ladder truck. Yikes. Not me.

And I got started on the bedroom. I'm writing this on a break. I'm painting the ceiling white. I had it painted a honey color before. I think this alone will brighten up the room a lot. As you can see some previous owner put ceiling tiles up, and we have never taken them down. This was done in several rooms of our house. We'd like to put it back to plaster ceilings someday, but for now a nice fresh paint job will help.


Dot said...

I didn't see you anywhere downtown yesterday! You took some great pictures. I was standing to the right of that tree in your photo. I'm sure I could not be seen...I'm shorter than all the kids! LOL

Your bedroom is going to be so pretty. That's a great color. What is the name of it?

Dawn said...

I can see myself and the girls in your photo, I think we're behind the tree in the formal photo. Oh well.

We have the same ceiling tiles in our house,I still don't understand why they were never removed when the completely remodeled this house.

I can't wait to see the room when its done.

Kelly said...

I have those same ceiling tiles in my bedroom! Years back they must have been giving them away in Illinois! I painted over mine too, haha!