Sunday, April 27, 2008


This is our youngest's senior prom. Her cousin was nice enough to travel all the way from Indiana to do hair and make-up for our daughter and her friend.
One of DD'd friend's made these beautiful garters to match each girls dress. She did a wonderful job on them.
They clean up pretty well!
These four have such a good time whenever they are together. If you are a house blogger frustrated at seeing prom pics, please look past the pretty young folks and notice the paint on the porch. Joe and I have a goal to get that painted before graduation. So hopefully when that time rolls around in a month you will see the front of the house freshly painted.
Off to have a wonderful evening!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Birdbath Bling and Peeking at Prom

This is one of those trash to treasure projects that I love. I did post about it a long time ago, but since I filled it up today for the first time this spring, I thought I'd show it again. The birdbath is one we'd had a long time and it developed a hairline crack and wouldn't hold water very long.
I used GE Silicone 2 to put marbles, tiles, coins and bits of dishes on the old birdbath. Then I grouted with sanded grout. I sealed it with a sealer available at Lowes. It says it's safe to use around food products. It seems to be safe for the birds too.
I know now that the silicone is probably not the proper thing to use on this project but it's held up well for several years. I try to haul the top of the birdbath to the basement for the winter, but for the last 2 winters we just leaned it against a tree so no water could collect and freeze....and it seems to be fine.
Here's a little peek at daughter's prom dress. It's pretty amazing.
And she got a sassy manicure to match.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Closet Ceiling Done!

It's one of those little jobs that will make a big difference that we have been putting off for years. This is the closet under the stairs. It opens into our bathroom so all sorts of stuff...towels, sheets, extra shampoo, etc are stored there. I've had to keep the sheets or whatever I'm trying to store on the top shelf in plastic boxes with lids........because anytime anyone runs up and down the stairs dirt sifts down. The picture above shows the underside of the stairs over the closet. YUCK. This has just irritated me for years. It's like having a rock in your shoe...and for some reason you don't take it out.
Yesterday Joe hunted down some materials in the garage, and tonight he cut some beadboard and installed it. It took him a few hours, but what a difference.
Tomorrow I'll paint it up and I'll have a nice functional closet. Yes, and I'm going to put a compact florescent bulb'll burn cooler, save energy, and I don't care what the color of the light is in the closet.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Florida Getaway

While Hawkeye was hanging out with his new poodle buddies, the girls and I went off to do a little exploring. Our friend Mary, who was kind enough to share her home and her poodles with us, provided us with some great maps to help us find our way around.
We went to Blue Springs. This is such a beautiful park. The spring water is crystal clear and the park is a tropical paradise.
The water looked lovely for swimming, but we saw a large alligator not far down stream from where this girl was swimming. That's pretty scary for this northern gal!

We saw seven manatees at the park that day. These two are young orphans that were recently released into the wild. The little bobbers are tracking devices.We got lots of pampering from our host and hostess and their three beautiful dogs. Murphy is the biggest poodle I've ever seen....Louie was a big boy, but Murph has him beat!
The girls spent a lot of time on the beach. On the way home we found a dog friendly beach, so even Hawkeye got to wade in the surf. At first he wasn't so sure about the waves rolling in and would run back from them. Eventually he decided it was pretty fun to splash around.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Poodle Party!

Yes, it probably sounds crazy to some people, but not if you own a standard poodle I bet! Daughter, her best friend, our dog Hawkeye and I traveled to Daytona Beach, Florida to visit a wonderful couple and attend the poodle party they were throwing for the Flickr standard poodle group. This pic was taken after one of the dogs (and her owners) left so unfortunately we don't have a complete group shot. It was so much fun meeting all these people and their dogs in person.
This is Cliff and the lovely Molly, two of our host's dogs.
This is our host and hostess, Mary and Beau, surrounded by poodles. Thank you both so much...we had a wonderful time. Hawkeye slept and slept on the way home. I think he was worn out!
Why is this poodle pup talking on the phone? You can read the touching story here and the background story here. It's a very sweet story about the love between and man, his dog, and a whole community of people who got behind them.
This is my daughter holding the dog who went home early and didn't make the group shot. Cute little Dixie the Dog. Dixie has her own terrific blog.
Here's Hawkeye on the way tired!
Tomorrow I'll post a little more about our getaway to Florida.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Lavender Sachets

As you all know, I'm an antique dealer and I go to a lot of auctions, garage sales and thrift shops. Along with good linens that I can sell, I also get many that are damaged. They have so many good parts that I hate to throw them away, and I look for little projects to make from them. See the toile at the very top of the photo? That is part of a bunch of vintage drapes I got at a thrift shop in Tennessee. Beautifully made, they must have come from a lovely southern home. They were very faded.....not so good for drapes, but very pretty for other projects.
Tonight I cut some of them up and made some sachets to sell at the shop.
I wish you could smell these....they're so nice. I ordered some lavender buds in bulk for crafting and it has a nice strong fragrance. I'm going to be looking for some cedar shavings to make some cedar scented ones too.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Walk with me? Fitness Quest.

I have been trying to get going with the whole fitness thing for a long time now. I've gotten heavy enough that I am not in shape to do alot of things I'd like. Even some home renovation and gardening jobs are much harder than they would be if I were a reasonable weight. I always do better in the summer months, but in general, I've not done well since I opened up the shop again. My friend Dawn told me about a site where you log your miles and it keeps track of where you are on a hike across the United States. The cool thing is that they have pics, and each time you log your miles you can see where you are on your virtual trip. If you'd like you can sign up and walk, run, and/or cycle with me. My ID is 51611. Put me on your buddy list and we can travel together.

I never thought I'd have a fitness category on this blog, but here we go!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

How to Make a Bedskirt in a Half Hour

This bedskirt is the easiest thing to make because it's made of hemming or seaming! It can be made to fit any size bed, even an old antique like this that takes a much longer skirt than you can buy. Just measure your drop from the top of the box springs to the floor and add about 3 inches. Then measure your length and add about 3 inches. Do this for the sides and end of the bed.
You are going to cut a rectangle of felt for the end, and one for each of the sides. If you want to dress it up a little you can sew a strip of ribbon or fabric along one edge as I did-it will just take you a little longer is all.
Then get your self some of these handy pins. They are sold as bedskirt pins or upholstery pins. I got mine at wal-mart.
Position your rectangle so the edge skims the floor and let the 3 inches wrap around your box spring. Pin your felt on using those great pins.
I added 3 inches to the length because I wanted my corners to overlap as you can see in the pic above. That way the box springs aren't peeking out. Ta-da! You're done.

One really great thing about this bedskirt is that it stays put and isn't always trying to slide out one way or another.

Sorry about all these flash pictures...kind of harsh lighting, but I got home after dark tonight.