Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Decorating...White Christmas!

 We've had snow...for the first time in a long while, 
we are having what feels like a good old midwestern winter!
 I've been doing some decorating. I started the weekend after Thanksgiving but have moved slowly getting the decorations up.
 I pretty much keep the mantle the same, but add greens and some starfish and a Santa. That Santa holds a list and when ever new children are born in the family, I had their names to the list.
 An old plastic Santa on the porch.
 The cushions on the glider are very summery, so I covered them with an old, rather tattered, quilt. 
 Come on in!
Here's the house on a cold snowy night. I have the tree up now, so I'll take a few more pictures soon.