Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Master Bedroom Facelift

We used these Ralph Lauren sheets until they wore out...and then I found another set on Ebay and we used those. That's how much I loved the pattern and feel of those sheets.

We painted our bedroom gold, and it did look pretty with the sheets, and cozy too. But now, many years later, it just looks dark to me. I want something light and cottagey. I want something fresh and light. Something bright and light. And oh, did I mention, I want something light.

So Monday, I visited Tuesday Morning, TJMax and finally Target looking for just the right quilt. I wasn't having much luck finding light and bright. I finally settled on this pretty Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic one from Target. So it's not light and's more light and soft..but that's pretty too. I also bought pretty 600 count pure white sheets too go under it.

Tonight I pulled it out to check out the colors and realized our sexy red satin ones make for a nice surprise under that soft and innocent quilt too! ;o) It looks yellower here due to the lighting...but you get the idea.

Now I'm off to get some paint samples to try and pick the perfect color. If it was just me, I'd have light pink walls, but Joe sleeps here too and I'm not sure he would like that. And I don't want to ask him because he is going away on a father son trip this weekend and I'd like to do it while he's gone. I think he'd be pleasantly surprised to find our room freshly done and he didn't have to do a thing. Think I can pull it off?


Sand Flat Farm said...

Love your quilt! We used it in our daughter's room at the cottage house! I loved that little print - so delicate and cottage-y! You have great taste- Vickie

Jan~Feather Your Nest Antiques said...

Love the Rachel Ashwell quilt. All of her quilt patterns are so delicate. I purchased one of her quilts about five years ago when Mervyns (now closed) carried her line, I use it everyday on our bed and it is still like new.Did you notice I visited your Olde City Hall Shoppes blog? I loved it!

Anonymous said...

I love that quilt, have looked at it several times. About the pink walls, if you come back for a visit and go back to my bedroom post, you will see that we painted our walls Paris Pink and even hubby likes it and he is definitely a manly man...LOL!!! Too funny, we must have fresh and white on our minds because I just purchased the Rachel Ashwell white ruffled sheets for our bed and I love them!!


Candy- A Pretty Home said...

Just found your it :)
Love the picture of your house there at the top of your pretty!
Hugs from Canada,
Candy :)

Jennifer said...

The old sheets look striking against the new comforter!

Dot said...

Red satin? I never would have guessed it! LOL The quilt is beautiful. I can't wait to see the finished room.

pedalpower said...

HAHA you never know about people do you?!

Kelly said...

Wow, we have the same ceiling tiles, AND I just re did ours because I felt it was a bit dark AND I bought a Rachel Ashwell quilt!!!! too funny.....let me tell you it makes such a difference, it is soooo bright and uplifting but yet still has a sense of it being serene. I love the way mine turned out, I cannot wait to see yours!! Hope you get it done before they get back, keep us posted!