Thursday, April 03, 2008

How to Make a Bedskirt in a Half Hour

This bedskirt is the easiest thing to make because it's made of hemming or seaming! It can be made to fit any size bed, even an old antique like this that takes a much longer skirt than you can buy. Just measure your drop from the top of the box springs to the floor and add about 3 inches. Then measure your length and add about 3 inches. Do this for the sides and end of the bed.
You are going to cut a rectangle of felt for the end, and one for each of the sides. If you want to dress it up a little you can sew a strip of ribbon or fabric along one edge as I did-it will just take you a little longer is all.
Then get your self some of these handy pins. They are sold as bedskirt pins or upholstery pins. I got mine at wal-mart.
Position your rectangle so the edge skims the floor and let the 3 inches wrap around your box spring. Pin your felt on using those great pins.
I added 3 inches to the length because I wanted my corners to overlap as you can see in the pic above. That way the box springs aren't peeking out. Ta-da! You're done.

One really great thing about this bedskirt is that it stays put and isn't always trying to slide out one way or another.

Sorry about all these flash pictures...kind of harsh lighting, but I got home after dark tonight.


Dot said...

That turned out so pretty! I'm gonna use your tip when I get my bedroom fixed up.

Maria said...

Wow, pretty cool idea. I like it a lot. I think when I'm ready to do my sons room I'll use your technique. Allthough I don't know about the pins with an inquisitive 3 yr. old but you got me thinking , and that's good.
Thanks, Maria

Judy said...

I love your idea, and I love the colors.

Kelly said...

Oh I will have to look for those pins! I have some other kind that are horrible.

have a great weekend!


Dawn said...

UGH, where was this post 2 months ago. I just spent money on a bedskirt I don't really like and is too short for Kaits bed. Oh well, eventually she'll grow tired of her comforter and I'll redo it all then. GREAT IDEA!

Andrea said...

That is brilliant. I have a bed in the guest room that needs a new bed skirt. I'm going to try your method. Thanks for the tip!