Friday, April 11, 2008

Lavender Sachets

As you all know, I'm an antique dealer and I go to a lot of auctions, garage sales and thrift shops. Along with good linens that I can sell, I also get many that are damaged. They have so many good parts that I hate to throw them away, and I look for little projects to make from them. See the toile at the very top of the photo? That is part of a bunch of vintage drapes I got at a thrift shop in Tennessee. Beautifully made, they must have come from a lovely southern home. They were very faded.....not so good for drapes, but very pretty for other projects.
Tonight I cut some of them up and made some sachets to sell at the shop.
I wish you could smell these....they're so nice. I ordered some lavender buds in bulk for crafting and it has a nice strong fragrance. I'm going to be looking for some cedar shavings to make some cedar scented ones too.


bec4 said...

i love these and I think I will have to make some up this weekend! Thanks for the idea Ü!

A Lovely Thing said...

Red is my very favorite ;)

I love these, too -- especially the toile and cross stitch pieces.

Would you share where you get the lavender? Do they have bunches as well as buds?

pedalpower said...

I got it at Save on Crafts
The shipping shouldn't be too bad just on lavender since it's so light. I bought flax seed too and there's some weight to that.......but there's nowhere around here to buy that kind of thing.

Julie said...

Good idea. I have several stained napkins that need another "job"..ha ha..

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