Thursday, April 24, 2008

Birdbath Bling and Peeking at Prom

This is one of those trash to treasure projects that I love. I did post about it a long time ago, but since I filled it up today for the first time this spring, I thought I'd show it again. The birdbath is one we'd had a long time and it developed a hairline crack and wouldn't hold water very long.
I used GE Silicone 2 to put marbles, tiles, coins and bits of dishes on the old birdbath. Then I grouted with sanded grout. I sealed it with a sealer available at Lowes. It says it's safe to use around food products. It seems to be safe for the birds too.
I know now that the silicone is probably not the proper thing to use on this project but it's held up well for several years. I try to haul the top of the birdbath to the basement for the winter, but for the last 2 winters we just leaned it against a tree so no water could collect and freeze....and it seems to be fine.
Here's a little peek at daughter's prom dress. It's pretty amazing.
And she got a sassy manicure to match.


Dot said...

Your bird bath is very pretty. So if you wouldn't use silicone now, what would you use?

I can't wait to see prom pictures. With a dress like that on your beautiful daughter, I'm sure they'll be stunning!

pedalpower said...

Well, I've been reading up on outdoor projects like this and "they" say you should use something called thinset to stick the stuff on. Then grout. Unfortunately I'm not as smart as "them" and I don't know what thinset is! Probably the folks at Lowes do though and would be happy to sell me some....whatever it is!

Dot said...

I've heard "thinset" as well, and I don't know what it is either! LOL