Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Closet Ceiling Done!

It's one of those little jobs that will make a big difference that we have been putting off for years. This is the closet under the stairs. It opens into our bathroom so all sorts of stuff...towels, sheets, extra shampoo, etc are stored there. I've had to keep the sheets or whatever I'm trying to store on the top shelf in plastic boxes with lids........because anytime anyone runs up and down the stairs dirt sifts down. The picture above shows the underside of the stairs over the closet. YUCK. This has just irritated me for years. It's like having a rock in your shoe...and for some reason you don't take it out.
Yesterday Joe hunted down some materials in the garage, and tonight he cut some beadboard and installed it. It took him a few hours, but what a difference.
Tomorrow I'll paint it up and I'll have a nice functional closet. Yes, and I'm going to put a compact florescent bulb'll burn cooler, save energy, and I don't care what the color of the light is in the closet.


Jennifer said...

I love beadboard ceilings! I think we are going to do our bedroom with them.

Dot said...

One irritation many to go? Around here it would be a BUNCH! LOL Right now it seems we are having to replace so many things around here...I'm tired of shopping around for the best prices on everything from wash cloths to computer fans.