Sunday, April 27, 2008


This is our youngest's senior prom. Her cousin was nice enough to travel all the way from Indiana to do hair and make-up for our daughter and her friend.
One of DD'd friend's made these beautiful garters to match each girls dress. She did a wonderful job on them.
They clean up pretty well!
These four have such a good time whenever they are together. If you are a house blogger frustrated at seeing prom pics, please look past the pretty young folks and notice the paint on the porch. Joe and I have a goal to get that painted before graduation. So hopefully when that time rolls around in a month you will see the front of the house freshly painted.
Off to have a wonderful evening!


Jenni said...


Dawn said...

STUNNING!!!!!!!!!! They are growing up WAY TOOO FAST!!!
I hope they had fun! Adam is still crashed in his room so I won't know how it went until probably 3 or 4pm when he finally wakes up! LOL

A Lovely Thing said...

Aw, very pretty. Love that elegant prom dresses are back in fashion!

I've linked to this blog -- hope that's okay with you.

Dot said...

I remember when your daughter was about 9 years old, and I hadn't actually met you yet. I looked across the church and spotted her. I turned to my husband and I said, "That little girl is going to grow up to be a gorgeous woman." Now it has come true! Gotta go find a tissue. *sniff*

NJTomboy said...

You know - that's how young ladies should look - beautiful and elegant! Just lovely! They look so sweet. God bless. I hope they had fun!

Julie said...

Wow - that brings back some great memories of when my daughters went to prom. Adorable pictures! Thanks for sharing them.

Sue said...

Your daughter's dress is gorgeous! We dont have proms here, shame!