Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Florida Getaway

While Hawkeye was hanging out with his new poodle buddies, the girls and I went off to do a little exploring. Our friend Mary, who was kind enough to share her home and her poodles with us, provided us with some great maps to help us find our way around.
We went to Blue Springs. This is such a beautiful park. The spring water is crystal clear and the park is a tropical paradise.
The water looked lovely for swimming, but we saw a large alligator not far down stream from where this girl was swimming. That's pretty scary for this northern gal!

We saw seven manatees at the park that day. These two are young orphans that were recently released into the wild. The little bobbers are tracking devices.We got lots of pampering from our host and hostess and their three beautiful dogs. Murphy is the biggest poodle I've ever seen....Louie was a big boy, but Murph has him beat!
The girls spent a lot of time on the beach. On the way home we found a dog friendly beach, so even Hawkeye got to wade in the surf. At first he wasn't so sure about the waves rolling in and would run back from them. Eventually he decided it was pretty fun to splash around.


judy said...

What an awesome trip. Looks like Hawkeye had just as much fun as you girls.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

oooh, I love standard poodles. They are so *smart.*

Dot said...

What beautiful pictures! We have to do lunch one day next week so I can hear all about the trip!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful poodles!