Saturday, March 29, 2008

Gardening, Organizing, Modeling

Believe it or not, that's what has been happening at our house today. Here's a new plant on my kitchen windowsill. I hope it does as well as the orchids have there. I love the baby fine foliage on this plant.
Still working on the studio. I have been pitching ruthlessly. But some things are harder than others. I can't tell you how many pairs of little boy and girl clothes I made out of these two patterns. Many of the scraps are in these strip pieced bits above. So I finally pitched the patterns...surely all the pieces might not be there anyway, but I kept the strips. Maybe I'll make some place mats with those bits in them.
I started these heart quilt blocks in high school. I was using scraps and sheeting and regular sewing thread to quilt with....and doing each block individually without really knowing how I'd put them all together. I saved these too, just because I don't have that many things that I worked on while growing up. We moved alot and you weed stuff out when you move often. Maybe I can think of something to make out of these too.
Modeling. My brother-in-law takes amazing photos using the same CannonS3IS as I have. He has actually learned to use all the settings and such and pushes that little camera to the max. Plus, as you can see, he has bought and made some extra flashes and backdrops. If I were independently wealthy I'd buy him the nicest Nikon digital out there and set him up in business...'cause he'd certainly make a success of it! He took our daughter's senior pics, and today he took some more of her and her best friend.
Such cutie pies. I took this one...his are amazing.


Kelly said...

What a talented man! And it really is a plus when you have the passion for it. I really have noticed the difference a good camera makes. No wonder your pictures always look so good!


Julie said...

...which way does your window face?..the one where you grow your orchid? I have a terrible time trying to keep my orchids going.

Dot said...

I have had a plant now for 3 months and it is still alive! Maybe because my husband waters it? Anyway yours are so healthy looking.

I keep looking at your patterns. I had the exact same pattern for our oldest when he was little. He hated the pants so I only made one pair. *sniff*

I would love to see your daughter's senior pictures. That's so nice that your bil can come to your house to take pics...that's about the only way formal pics would happen for us. LOL