Friday, March 28, 2008

I have a closet, er, armoire!

As some of you know, charming old homes often have tiny little closets. Such is the case with our home. I have all of Joe's clothes in the closet in our room and I was keeping mine in the room that is now our son's. So I was thinking of putting my clothes in the sewing room closet or hanging them from a rod in the sewing room. The problem is the sewing room closet also has the access to the attic and I don't want to have to take out my clothes every time we have to get up there. And if I don't remove them, dust and such would rain down on them when the trap door is moved. Yuck. Granted, that's not often, but emptying the closet several times a year is not my idea of a great plan.

Well, Joe thought this would make a good solution, and I love it. It's an old fashioned solution and it works for me...I only have a few dresses and I can store them with his suits.
This cabinet is made by the Ohio Amish and is very nice quality. I was happy that we were able to get a piece that could be an antique of the future. We purchased it at Whitacre's. They have a huge showroom and were were able to take it home that day. Between this and my dresser...all my stuff has a home. Everything has a place, and everything is in it's place. Miracles really do happen.


Why S? said...

I have one, exactly ONE closet in my 1909 home. And since it shares a wall with the kitchen some brainiac is always suggesting that we can add space to the kitchen by taking space from the closet. It's not even a big closet but this suggestion never fails to be mentioned in any discussion of the tiny kitchen. And, it also has the access to the attic, so I feel your pain. For now, we have plastic draped over everything but once all the work is done, I don't think the attic access will be a problem.

Dot said...

It's a beautiful piece. I think that is nice that it can be a future antique. Everything seems to fit in it nicely too. And is it just the pic or do the woods really match as well as they appear to?

We have attic access through our walk in's actually a get in turn around right where you are closet. This house is 128 years old and I believe someone in the 40s or 50s took part of a room and made a closet out of it.

There is a tiny closet (made later than the house was built) in each bedroom and that is it! I've always wanted a coat closet, a linen closet, and a cleaning closet...but that'll never happen in this house.

pedalpower said...

Me too Dot and Why S. All those closets are one of the things I'm jealous of when I go to someone's newly built house.

Judy said...

I love that piece. It looks like the one my grandmother had up in her hallway. Very nice.