Sunday, March 23, 2008

An Army of Bunny Cupcakes

I saw the cutest bunny peep cupcakes on Bitter Betty's blog, and I knew I had to make some for tomorrow's dessert. Colleen saw what I was up to and she did the decorating.
I think they turned out cute.
A little scary en mass, but cute!


Judy said...

Oh those look so good. Happy Easter to you and yours.

Dot said...

Happy Easter! Those cupcakes are so cute....almost as cute as the ones who made them!

Sue said...

Well they are breeding like rabbits, but how cute are they!!

Plain Jane said...

cute! (and I'll be calling you if an army of pink bunnies shows up in my nightmares! :-)

Kelly said...

Hope you guys had a great Easter! Those cupcakes looks like a little army of bunnies, just scrumptious!


Bitterbetty said...

Ack! They are soooo cute!
good job! Thanks for the link!