Monday, February 04, 2008

Making a closet, a sewing room, and piles of fabric

My 20 year old son is moving back in to try and save some money. So that means I'm moving my sewing room back into the smallest bedroom. I had been using his old room. I'm cool with him moving back in...he's a funny kid and keeps me either aggravated or laughing all the time. Probably if you have a 20 year old son you can relate!

Unfortunately the smallest bedroom had become the junk room (no mere junk drawer for me!) and moving everything from both rooms is a huge job. Granted, it's a job that really needed to be done I have the push I needed to get it done. I'm sorting through all the vintage bits and dabs of fabric and lace. These shelves are some cheapies from Kmart that we covered in music a long time ago. We used them in our booth in the antique mall.
I had been using the closet in the sewing room as my many older homes our bedrooms have tiny closets. Joe uses the one in our room and Mike will be using the one in his room. The closet in this room is very tiny. So I have a plan.
I've put a shelf on each side of the room and I'm planning to hang a closet rod in between the two and hide the closet part with a curtain of some sort. I pulled the shelves out to make the spot deep enough for hangers. Behind the shelves rolls and bolts of fabric are stored. We'll see how it all works out. The ideal thing would probably be to frame in an actual closet here. Joe is working overtime right now though and so I'm improvising.


Judy said...

20 year old, Oh Boy can I relate.
Once things get spread out in a larger place, it is hard to go back to something smaller. That is why I won't take over the open bedroom that we have now. I am afraid I'll have to give it up once I get all settled in and have everything where I want it....cause BAM..someone will be coming back home (lol).
Hope you guys are all dried out, and things are back to normal.

Dot said...

So he's making the he happy about it? I wouldn't know what it's like for a 20 year old to move out and then back home since mine has never left. LOL I know I'll really miss him when he's gone though.

Your closet sounds like it'll work until something else can be done.

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

I love those shelves! They have such personality.

pedalpower said...

Well, he's happy about all the money he'll save, but he's kind of sad to say goodbye to his apartment. He says he feels like he's going backwards, which I can understand. He's spending a ton on gas getting to and from work in a distant city and this will really help. He always spends a lot of time over here anyway, so that won't change much.

Sand Flat Farm said...

Hi - I know about sons moving home. My #2 son has just moved home for the 2nd time. We are doubling up all our junk, too. Isn't it fun! He's 22 and still in college, but I'm glad (at least for a little while) cuz I miss him. Good luck to you! Vickie

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

I really like what you've done with these shelves!

Coming Along Nicely said...

I love the sheet music covered shelves! I haven't been around awhile so I am going to go catch up with you. :)