Sunday, October 12, 2008

Painting, Painting, Painting.....

Here you can see why it takes Joe a long time to do a paint job. He is a perfectionist. And he does do a great job! It just takes a long time. We have literally painted somewhere on this house every year for 10 years. Arg. Joe also works a ton of hours at high stress job to support us, so this gets done in his spare time. Sometimes I wish I could convince him to hire it done, because I'd like to see him spending his spare time doing something he biking. The man is a cycling machine. But he isn't sure we could find someone to do this good of a job. Well, he has a point there. LOL

And of course he is doing the gingerbread...the hardest part for sure. He's a good man.

Usually I'm a perfectionist too...although through the years I've been learning that sometimes done really is better than perfect. Because of housework, kids, shopping, working, and balancing so many different things, I think most women come to that sooner or later. And besides I painted the garage last time the same year we painted front of the house, and it lasted just as long. So see, both ways must work. Anyway, he does it his way and I do it mine. And we are still together 26 years later.

Maybe it's partly because we are both the oldest child....we're used to being the boss. Here's how we compromise.....we usually work on a completely different areas. We both do it the way we want and we still get along at the end of the day! That's why you saw that I did the inside of the porch and now I'm working on the garage. DS got some more of the garage primed so I'm working on getting some top coats on. As you can see we are not doing the garage doors in two colors this time. That's because the doors are on their last legs and will be replaced next year anyway by solid white doors (that you don't have to paint!).

And here is the sock update...I finished all the decreasing and now I'm knitting the foot. I'm trying to lose some weight and think getting back into knitting in the evening is going to help. Keeps the hands busy and I don't want to get that pretty yarn dirty.

It's funny to see the reactions of people when they find out I'm knitting a pair of socks. Most of them look at me like I've lost it. And I can see their point. I don't know why I'm driven to make some things that you could buy for very little. But I am. Everyone has their quirks!


Dot said...

You wish there was a little less perfectionism in your husband and I wish there was a little more in my husband! LOL Oh well, we're both very blessed with our men, aren't we?

I like the way you compromise, but we do it totally different here. I'll start a project and get it to the level of "perfect" I want and then hand it over to him to finish, or I'll let him start and I'll give it the "perfect" finishing touch.

I don't think you've lost it because you are knitting socks. I'm coveting your talent! LOL

Jacquelynne said...

Painting... ugh! One of those things I hate doing, but I love it when it's done! Your husband is really great for doing all of that- I'm sure your house will be beautiful when it's done.

Judy said...

I have been bitten by the knitting bug. My next project is a pair of socks for me, the only thing is I've never knitted socks before. But, you have inspired me to do so. Yours look great.
My husband is a perfectionist too, in EVERYTHING he does, and we've lasted 30 years (LOL).

pedalpower said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and leave me comments. Believe me, there are good things about having a perfectionist for a husband. And I'm sure it makes him a wonderful engineer/electrician (he's both). After all, look at that fish scale's a thing of beauty.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

I loved this post! We have quite a bit of painting that needs to be done around here. So far, not done.:(

As for the socks, they are cute!! :)
xo Lidy

Jan~Feather Your Nest Antiques said...

The socks are looking good! The house is looking good! Soon things will be done and you'll have to get a new project going! Never ends does it. I had a great time up north, but winter is so long and by March, I'll be dying to get back.