Thursday, October 23, 2008

Not Again!

Today I came home from a meeting to find this. Yup, Hawkeye got into my knitting again. What is it he likes so much about yarn?! He hasn't chewed up other things, but obviously I'm going to have to get myself a knitting bag that closes up tight. This time he mangled the cast on row too, so I couldnt' just rip it back a way. I was going to have to start over.

I decided we needed to get out and run off some energy, so we went to the farm. It was a cool, crisp, beautiful evening.

Look at him. He's so cute. He can't be ornery, can he? Nah.

After we had run off some steam, I went home ripped it back and started over. I spent a pleasant couple of hours talking about the presidential race with Margaret at Fabrics & Fibers & Frills while I worked on reknitting. I'm now back to where I was when I started out this morning.


Dot said...

You can't be upset with such a beautiful dog. Especially one as humorous as Hawkeye. LOL

You had a lot more done on the knitting than when I saw it Tuesday. If you could sit and knit without interruption, how long would it take you to knit a sock?

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Dogs are so wonderful. They are kind of like our children. They can really make a mess, really make you mad, but you really can't image life without them.



judy said...

Oh no! You just can't get that mad at them, can you?

Julie said...

I want to learn how to knit one day. Your pup is adorable and the house looks amazing!