Saturday, October 18, 2008

Joe is 50!

My hubby turned 50 this week. We had a birthday dinner for him last night where he took a lot of old age jokes in stride. I think he's pretty hot at 50!

Check out that cloud of smoke!

I started a new project tonight. I'm trying to knit a sweater for DD. If she doesn't like it, I'll have to make sure I lose enough weight to wear it. It will remain to be seen if either of us will like it though...I've knit sweaters for babies, but not for grown-ups.

Are you tired of my socks yet? I promise this is the last pic of them you'll see!

We just had an elevator installed in our building at work. Hawkeye loves to ride it. matter who is going up, he will try to ride with them. He's a stitch.


Diane Fay (littlealma) said...

Thanks for stopping bye and visiting my blog!!! (you have been a faithful friend!) So come to Michigan again soon! The colors ARE lovely!!! So I am wondering - is your antique shop in Michigan? Oh - and a big Happy Birthday to your hubby!

And great job on the socks too! I knit a pair - and I think it took me about a year! I buy them now! (smile!)

Anyway - have a good weekend (we are thinking about camping tomorrow night) but the weather is supposed to be great again!

Hugs - Diane

Judy said...

Happy Birthday Day Joe, I'm not too far behind you. (lol)
I love your socks and I just started a pair for me. I can't wait to get them done to wear them.

Plain Jane said...

Love hawkeye in the elevator! I can just picture him pushing the buttons and riding up and down!

pedalpower said...

Diane, my shop is in Illinois. We are usually only in MI in the summer. I love it there in the fall though!

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Happy Birthday Joe. I turned 49 on the 8th. Good people were born in October ~ I'm just saying~~~~

I live in Michigan too. It's absolutely beautiful here right now.

I love to knit too. I have been knitting since the 6th grade. . . can you believe that? That's when my aunt taught me for a church project. We were making 6" x 6" squares to make a blanket for a nursing home. I guess we didn't have homeless people back then to make and give blankets for. I've been hooked on knitting ever since.





Jan~Feather Your Nest Antiques said...

I've been busy this week, receiving Christmas items into my shop, so I just checked your blog today and was so happy to see your finished SOCKS!Good job and I had fun following their completion.

Dot said...

Happy Birthday, Joe! I have to admit I had to take a second look because I had no idea you were turning 50. You certainly don't look it.

I love to see your knitting projects. Marty's knitting is magic. Every time she picks up her knitting needles at the church food pantry someone comes through the door for food. LOL

Does Hawkeye ride the elevator with "George"? LOL

pedalpower said...

LOL, Hawkeye might be riding with George...we wouldn't be able to see him right? For all you who don't know, last week the old manager of the antique mall I manage was interviewed in the paper. She says there is a ghost she calls George haunting the building. Now, I've never seen him...but who knows?!

Dot said...

I haven't seen "George", but I've heard his footsteps upstairs when everyone was gone for the day. I also think "he" is the one who kept making stuff fall off the walls when I was working there one week. LOL

Dawn said...

Happy belated birthday Joe!! Here's to another 50 years!

That cracks me up about Hawkeye and the elevator!! Too cute!

Great job on the socks, I'm one who feels it's just easier to steal new socks from my dd's drawer than to make them! LOL