Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Halloween Decorating...with Antiques

These pictures were taken at the shop...because I always have to get that done first and I have spent a lot of late nights there lately...changing seasons. These ideas are easily used at home too. My idea was to have old time movie scary...not evil or slasher movie scary. More along the lines of "The Birds" and "The Mummy." I searched around for all things witchy or amber or orange or harvest. I love the old shoes in the picture above...around Halloween they suddenly seem like witches shoes to me.

I have a lot of crows and blackbirds that I bring out each fall. Atop this display cabinet I stacked cages and orange pottery and some carnival glass.

This is a wonderful rustic piece....just layered up with gourd jack-o-lanterns and crows. Old lamps, and the best part....a very pretty chandelier. Pop in those flicker bulbs and it has an instant Halloween look. Now's the time to drag out quilt in darker colors too...they don't even have to be great shape. Just drape them around for color. Mirrors are great too because when you pass by you get that hint of movement.

Probably still not done with this. The piano has purple lights inside it...but I need a stronger light to get it to shine out....a haunted piano is what I was going for.

This case is filled with everything I could find that was amber or carnival glass or orange.

Old photos are great at Halloween too. The sepia color is wonderful and they have almost a ghostly feel to them.

I know some people have strong feelings against the whole Halloween thing...but to us it has always just been about dressing up, hay rides and spooky decorations....and of course candy. We have friends who go all out with their costume party and it's a ton of fun.


Judy said...

Everything looks great. I see a few things I would love to have. I keep telling hubby a trip is in order.

Cami said...

Just stunning! I'd love to come by for some cider and walk around for hours on end. Thank you for sharing. I have some pumpkins out, but that's about it so far. Love what you did. NICE!!!

PS Is it weird my word verification word is "salem"?!!!

Dot said...

It looks so scary! I'll have to come by and take a gander.

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I like the mood you have created. Very festive! Thanks for your comment. The link you used seems to be off is going to a religious site, instead of a store. You might double check it. I found you on flickr. And I look forward to your homely Queen pictures! ~Mindy

Larissa said...

Wow..! I love your Halloween decorations. I too have some nice stuffs for Halloween decoration.

Frippery said...

I just love creepy Halloween. Old horror movie scary is much better than new. I love the haunted piano idea, too cute! The old photos are great too. I took some photos of creepy dolls and after editing I am printing them out for framing. Then I'll place them in with my Halloween stuff for extra sinister decor. Decorating with old things instead of off the shelf Halloween decor is so much more fun. Pam

carolyn said...

Great displays, I especially love the crows.

An Enchanted Cottage said...

I LOVE your displays!!! Oh my gosh, you make me want to start decorating for Halloween again! In my 'minimalist' state of mind, I only put out a few 'cottage-y' pumpkins, but I will always LOVE the look that you have created! And great collection of birdcages! Wish I lived closer to your shop!!! (I'm with you - no slasher films, but boy do I love a good creepy movie or ghost story!)... Happy Halloween and have a great fall season in your shop!...Donna

Kim~"HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs" said...

What great pictures! Thank you for sharing them.

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I have got to get some crows. They add such a creepy look. ~Mindy

12 weeks at a time said...

All of the vingettes are lovely! OOh I wish I could visit and shop!

laurie said...

Great Halloween decor. I love the spooky and orange rather than the blood and scary stuff! My fav is the haunted piano.

Penny Suzie said...

Hey there,

Life is so cool. I'm so excited to be meeting so many wonderful people through this blog site. It's amazing.

Thank you for sharing with me about your shop. If I told you my story, you probably wouldn't believe it. I have had my business since 2003... but to this day, I have not been open for a complete year. I could write a book about the past happenings. However, I'm looking forward... and my shop needs a lot of cleaning, and setting up for my new ideas.

Your philosophy seems to be similar to mine as far as making something new out of something old. I love that idea.

I am working on learning how to do pictures. Please be patient with me.

Also, do you think I was too harsh on Cindy's blog? I get really snippy with people who are so negative... and then I begin to think maybe I out-stepped my bounds? Do you have an opinion?

Kind regards,
Penny Suzie


Hi thanks for your thoughtful comment on the hankie idea... love your pictures...xoxoxo Laura