Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Giveaway Winner and Happy Birthday

The winner of the giveaway is Becky from Twelve Weeks at a Time. Congratulations Becky!

I want to thank you all for all the understanding about my empty nest post. It really does help to know that I'm not the only one who feels all weepy about my kids going off on their own.

Since I hate a post with no pictures (I'm like a little kid, that way!) I thought I'd share with you the day my hubby planned for me for my birthday. We celebrated it in August while we were on vacation. He knows just the kinds of things I like. We spent the day wandering around small Michigan towns looking at artwork.

We visited the small town of Buchanan. This little town has a wonderful art center with one of the best equipped pottery studios I've ever seen. And the volunteers and teachers there are so enthusiastic about their work.

Surrounding the art center are some fabulous life size metal sculptures of wildlife.

Everywhere I go, I'm always looking for great details on houses. You never know when you'll need inspiration for a fabulous railing!

We also went to St. Joe where they had a public art show of different artist decorated boats around town.

At the end of the day we went to see "Shenandoah" at this nice summer stock theater. The Barn Theatre is a wonderful place and you never know who you will see play here....some famous people have been Barnies. I just love the inside of this theatre. Click the's a neat photo and really shows what it's like inside. Joe planned it all....he's very good at planning things like this and we have always liked to travel around and see new places. It's fun sometimes to do that right in your own backyard!


12 weeks at a time said...

Wow, I can't believe I won! I never win anything, thankyou so much, and belated happy birthday! I did'nt see your e-mail posted anywhere on your site so I'll give you mine. If you email me I'll respond with my adress. Thanks again!

valiegal said...

Beautiful Pictures. I'd love to explore your town.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a birthday! I grew up in in NC now.
p.s. thanks for stopping by my blog and saying sweet things about my mosaic table...

Diane Fay (littlealma) said...

Hey - I recognize those boats!!! They are downtown, where I live!!! And now I am going to have to check out the antique store in Coloma, and the art center in Buchanan! What a neat birthday you celebrated!

And I can't remember if I chatted with you before or not - about living in Michigan! Shoot - next time you are in St. Joe (or near-bye) give me a call and we will have to go out for coffee!

I can also relate about the empty nest - my youngest is at school in Grand Rapids, and she is a Junior - it is going way too fast!

Well tomorrow after church, I am going to have to bring my camera downtown and take some pics of those boats! You know this happens every year with those statues they have every year - the summer goes bye and I don't really get to see them as a tourist!

Anyway, hugs from Michigan - Diane

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures, and Happy "belated" Birthday.