Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yes, We Can!

Image from Huffington Post?

Chicago had a beautiful night to welcome a newly elected president...President-elect Barack Obama. He gave a beautiful speech. I thought Senator McCain's speech was very well done too, and just right to start coming back together.

Now the real work begins....and what a huge job lies ahead.

This image from a message board with no credit. If you know where I can give credit please let me know.

I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of puppy these little girls get!


Carla said...

I LOL at the puppy comment too. What a truly inspirational speech. And I agree, McCain's speech was very eloquent and uniting, despite the boos from the crowd.

Dot said...

I can't say I was 100% behind Barrack Obama before the election, but now that he will be our president I will support him fully. I vow to pray for him daily as well as all our nations leaders. What an exciting time for our country!

pedalpower said...

Dot, that's the kind of attitude we need! We don't have to all agree, but it's so great when we can all work together. I had already vowed to do the same if McCain won.

Carol said...

I'm so proud of our country! Our 19-year old daughter, who voted for the first time, was there at the big event, witnessing history! I'm really going to enjoy watching those beautiful little girls grow up, and playing with their new puppy!

TWB said...

Thank You!