Saturday, November 01, 2008

Fall Colors....leaves, paint, & yarn

We've got a nice indian summer going on here. After the dew dried, Joe made some progress on getting that last bit of the house painted.

Fall is looking so good this year. Last year we didn't have much color for some reason, but this year is wonderful. The sun was not even out from the clouds when I took this late this evening. I hope it's sunny tomorrow so I can get some pics.

Margaret at Fabrics & Fibers & Frills was kind enough to wind my yarn into balls for me....aren't they yummy?!

My socks are coming along due to my obsessive knitting. I've been working on them in every spare minute and staying up way, way too late listening to podcasts on CraftSanity. If you like to craft and listen at the same time you will love Jennifer's podcasts...she interviews successful craftspeople and learns the inside stuff you always wanted to ask your favorite indie crafters. I worked at the shop today, and anytime we didn't have customers I was listening and knitting. Soon I won't be able to do that since we will be madly working to transform the shop for Christmas.


Dot said...

Aren't the leaves just beautiful this fall? I watched the leaves dance across the courthouse lawn this afternoon. I vowed to never forget the simple beauty of that scene.

I wish I had time to take some crochet and knitting classes. Maybe soon...maybe soon.

C&C said...

The leaves look perfect with your paint color. Beautiful house!

Judy said...

Your leaves are pretty, ours are not so pretty anymore. I love the sock color and the pattern. You have been just busy, busy around your house.

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

BEAUTIFUL trees. Our color is all gone. . . well, actually, it's still here. . . just on the ground now :) My favorite is when they are still on the trees.



Debi said...

Awesome dear!!!

I stopped by to forward the BOOed award... stop by my blog to pick up your award!! :D

Hope your having a wonderfully blessed day dear!!