Sunday, November 30, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow!

We awoke to snow this morning! I love always makes me feel better...I think it's partly just because so much light is reflected into the house. Whatever the reason, I'll take the lift in spirits I get whenever there is a fresh snow. This little carpenter gothic is one of the older homes in our town. It's now owned by the historical society.

Downtown it's a little slushy. I think we are supposed to be getting more snow tonight and tomorrow though. Right now it's so warm...I think we are at about 35 degrees.

Our babies are home! We've had a house full of kids this weekend. It's been wonderful to have the house full and hear the laughter and teasing going on all week. Most of them have to go back to school today. For all the home improvement bloggers out there...the background in this pic in our stairway. A yet to be finished project.

Hawkeye was pleased as punch to have his girl home. Every time she sat down, he'd crawl on top of her for some attention.

We did a lot of sitting by the fire this weekend. We had family over for Thanksgiving Day and had a wonderful time and ate way too much. I hope you all had a good holiday too.


futuregirl said...

That carpenter gothic is amazing! What an adorable town. :)

Dot said...

We had a great Thanksgiving! Our oldest is stuck in Bloomington this evening. He says he is going to try to get back to school tomorrow. I loved having his friends here over the wasn't quite like old times, but it was nice.

Judy said...

Your town is so pretty, I enjoyed visiting it last year. We got our first snowfall last night and it's still snowing. I'm not sure how much we'll get, right now it's not much but it's pretty. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend and Thanksgiving with your family. I love the picture of Hawkeye by the fireplace.


Plain Jane said...

sounds like a wonderful thanksgiving weekend with your beautiful family. And clearly, Hawkeye enjoyed himself!

Donna said...

The snow is beautiful! Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. 35 degrees sounds pretty cold to me ~ when it's that cold here, I stay indoors!

Hawkeye is adorable.

Enjoy your week!

Jenny said...

Yeah fellow blogger :)
Beautiful town pics. Can you bottle some snow and send it down to us? I miss it! Glad Hawkeye got to have his brother and sister home for a bit, he sure looks happy.

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Oh yes, I love snow. . .until about January 1st. . . then. . . I could be so done with it :)



Tracey said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog.."at home on the ridge".. love your home and the feeling of family is very present. We recieved a little snow this past weekend...going away at this point, but more to always does here in Maine. Hope to stay in contact. I too feel there is a lot in common.. have a great day and enjoy your month of December..Tracey

Stephen Hall said...

I love your site! I'm really in love with American culture, not the 'in your face' stuff but the things you bring to your site. I too live the home things, Fudge the smelly dog, a bit of cold weather, a warm log fire family around etc. A happy and warm thing. Keep well :-)