Monday, November 24, 2008

Winnings, Socks and Homecoming

I just got an email from Aaron at informing me that my post was drawn as the winner in their "Home for the Holidays" contest. I'm so the spirit of it being a winning about our home I think I will probably use it to pay for paint. My last trip to the paint store ran $295 dollars and the prize is $250. That will just about pay my bill! Woo-hooo!

If you are renovating or building or working on a house at all, you should check out There's a wealth of information there and a bunch of people who understand your pain....I mean, your joy!

I finished a new pair of socks...they don't exactly match (though they are the same length...just don't look it here) but I love them anyway.

Our baby girl came home from college for Thanksgiving...I think Hawkeye is glad to have her home. I know I am!


Jason said...


If you're looking for a babysitter for your little girl, I'm willing to give you a good rate. I'm about her age, though - I hope that won't be weird for her.

Judy said...

Congratulations! That is really neat. Your socks look fine to me and no one will be able to tell with you pant legs covering them anyway. I like the colors very patriotic.

Sand Flat Farm said...

My baby girl will be home tomorrow! Can't wait to have ALL my chicks back home under my wing. My oldest son is home from Nashville and he and his brother are in the living room right now yelling and scuffling over the XBOX. I love hearing all the racket! Have a blessed Thanksgiving - hugs, Vickie