Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Scenes of Vermillion Flooding

Normally one of the nicest parts of living here is the little river running quietly through town. Tonight it is expected to crest at record levels. Normally you can't see the water from where I'm standing because it's down a steep bank. I'm standing in a lady's yard to take this pic.
This is my Dad and Mom's basement...they live right behind lot closer to the river. Their home has never had a sump well though. It makes a big difference and Dad says they will be putting at least one in after this. My BIL brought some gas powered pumps and they are saving the day by saving Dad's new furnace.

My dad and Joe's dad getting another pump going.
Looking towards the Play Park. This neighborhood has been evacuated.
Joe putting another pump in...those gas ones worked so great he went out and got one for us to keep. As you can see we don't have near as much water. Our sump pump has been running like mad so Joe is trying to give it a little help with the new one.

Pedestrian bridge 2 blocks from our home. The water is usually far beneath this bridge.
Neighbors helping each other with sandbags. Joe and the dads went down and bagged for a while.
Driving by Washington School. Volunteers worked like crazy last night trying to save the school, but finally they had to make everyone leave.

It's still going up so we may have another post yet tonight.


Jen said...

Oh My goodness... Hopefuly everyone and their homes will be ok.

Dawn said...

You guys are lucky to have found another pump, I'm sure they are rarer than gold (and probably worth more) right about now!

Stay safe!!! I'll be praying for you guys!

pedalpower said...

We were lucky! Lucky to have relatives who brought us bigger pumps and a generator in case the power bites the dust.

Sand Flat Farm said...

I can't believe the flooding in your town! I haven't checked in with you in a few days and it's amazing at all the water. HOpe everyone is okay and ya'll get everything you need to take care of the problems. I hope you didn't get any damage to your house! I'll be checking on you! God bless you all - Vickie