Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Have Boat,

I hope we won't need it though! As you can see the river is half way up the patio. I'm standing just inside the screen door for our porch.
Normally the river is 2 blocks way and down a steep bank. We had a lot of rain a couple of days ago, but most of this water is coming from upstream.

We've still got the pumps going. I've been assigned to stay up til at least midnight so someone will hear if they run out of gas. The guys are getting some much needed rest...they've been up since 4am Tuesday. At our house we have one gas one going and one regular electric sump pump.


Dot said...

Oh man, I wish there was something I could do! We are still dry here. I haven't been out to see how far up our road it has traveled though. I'll continue to pray. Please call if you need anything.

Jennifer said...

Is that your garage out there that is already covered? Yuck!
Here's hoping the pumps last the night!

Dawn said...

OH man, all we can do is pray that the river crests and this is as bad as it will get. I heard that MS bridge was just reopened, that is a good sign. Steve's been running since early yesterday too. Not only does he work for the hospital but he's on Central IL's emergency management team so he has to flip back and forth.

Our house has luckily stayed pretty dry. We're done to only about 1 inch or even less in some areas so we feel VERY fortunate!!

pedalpower said...

Yup, that yellow building is our garage--the water is running in one side and out the other. We've lived here 20 years and we've never had water in the garage before.

Dawn you are lucky! and we are so glad there are so many people like Steve out there who are running around helping and taking care of things.

The water is going down now. It's off the patio now.