Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Painting....leads to glazing....leads to roofing.......leads to

rewiring! Well, we simply want to get the front (and maybe the side) of the house repainted this fall. You can see how worn and peely and mildewy the paint is.........it's 10 years old on this side. So Joe has been scraping and washing and painting. The part over the porch is starting to look purty nice, don'tcha think? I actually got up there and helped one day even though I am deathly afraid of heights. Then of course the glazing on the windows needs to touched up before you can paint that. And the porch roof was in baaaad shape, so he ripped it off and while we've got the roof off.....we might as well run some new wiring so the porch light will work again.......and put one outside the door while we're at it. Hmmmm this is a bigger job than we thought. Such is life in an old house.
Here's my cute boy........all grown up and a working man. I can hardly believe it.
Saturday I had a special treat. A fellow blogger came in to my shop. Judy has a wonderful blog called Midlife Bliss. She is so friendly and sweet...and she has 11 kids.......doesn't she look great?! Now I have to tell you though, that when I saw this pic of me, I went straight to the hairdresser that night. I told her to give me a cute haircut and take 50 pounds off.
She only did one of them....so hard to find good help these days!


Felicia said...

Love your new hairdo! It shaves off at least 60 pounds! :)

Dot said...

That's cool that your blog friend came to visit! I know you had to be thrilled to meet her.

And what a cute hair style! It really fits you. And it really does make your face look thinner. But then I always think your beautiful!

futuregirl said...

You have a beautiful home! Great haircut, too. :)

Judy said...

I love the haircut. You look great. It was so nice meeting and visiting with you. We really loved the Three Roses B & B. and your town. We plan to go back we had such a great time there.

kelly said...

Joyce you look fantastic!!! I love the haircut!