Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Paint and Cabinets

I painted the walls before the cabinets came....it isn't really a teal as it appears here....actually it is more of a woodsy green. Looks good with the hickory.
The French doors lead to a closet that we built into one end of the room. Before this we had only a tiny closet for all downstairs storage. Now that closet is a broom closet, and we hang our coats in this new closet. Dick, our wonderful cabinet maker kneels on the counter to install an upper cabinet. We just had the hickory clearcoated to let the natural color show.
My husband Joe, in the plaid, helps install the counter. I love the nice big window over the sink.
This is how it looked when they left the day before Christmas in 2002....well, imagine a little different paint color. The glass in the upper doors is beveled and the cabinets are lit from within. Tomorrow when I have some daylight, I'll take some pics as it looks today. We are the slowest of remodelers, so we are actually still working on some projects in this room.

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estea said...

this looks gorgeous and i know how much work it is (we did our kitchen last year. what a job!)

that hickory is just beautiful. my favorite wood/grain.

glad i found your blog today! very inspiring and it sounds like you are way into renovating and thrifting - my 2 great loves ; )