Saturday, January 27, 2007

Changing Roofline

This is another project we did some a while back. I am posting these old projects as a little history to of how our home has evolved. Besides, it makes me feel kind of good to see what we have done since this house has turned out to be such a loooong project. This is the back of our house as it looked when we bought it. Our poor house has had a lot of remuddling throught the years. Unfortunate, but since we cannot see how it orginally looked, we just try to do what makes sense to us. The former additions included a carport attached to one side of the kitchen (above) and a tiny family room attached to the other side (below). Both with unattractive shed roofs. Count'em...three shed roofs on the photo above and one on the photo below! Amazing.
Shortly after we moved in we had to replace the roof, so we decided to rip it right off the back of the house and make one roofline.
This raised the roof quite a bit over the kitchen and someday we will have our master bath up there (see, I told you it was a long project!). You can see in the picture below that we lost a window in the bedrooms on each side, but there is still two windows in each room.
This is how it looks now. The windows are all different sizes and such, but because of the layout inside there was no avoiding that. It's the back of the house, so it doesn't bother us.
Joe cut new siding to match the gable ends on the rest of the house. He also trimmed out the window and eaves to match the others on the house. I think he did a great job.


This Old Erie House said...

That turned out really nice.

Poppy said...

Love the gable ends. Raising the roof made a big difference...a good difference.

Shabby in the City said...

I'm so loving this blog! Wow. That house really made a turn around! Love the sweet and huge too, huh?

Plain Jane said...

beautiful! a long project, but it looks like it was well worth it.

Coming Along Nicely said...

All the posts of your house are such an inspiration to me. When we first started fixing up our house my husband would try to get jobs done in days. When I showed him your blog and I beleive there was something about cooking in your living room for a few years, he started to understand that its ok to be in progress for a long time if in looks like your beautiful home in the end. Thanks for you help.

Karen said...

Wow, amazing transformation! Love the color.