Friday, January 12, 2007

January Goals, etc.

I decided to not do "New Year's resolutions" this year and instead set myself a few measurable goals for each month. For January I've decided to:
  1. get the valance done for the kit/family room
  2. work out at least 4 times each week
  3. start listing on ebay
  4. make more time to do something with my friends.

So far I'm doing ok on these. Today I listed some things on ebay:I had not done this in a long time, so for some reason it seemed like a huge chore. Actually ebay has improved their listing process and it was easier than it used to be! That should teach me not to procrastinate so much.......

If you are interested the link to my ebay auctions is to the right.


Coming Along Nicely said...

Cute stuff! I will add you to my favorite sellers on Ebay so I will always know when you have listed more great stuff.

louise said...

hi joyce, thanks for stopping by! the bag even goes to bed with prairie at the moment so i couldn't be happier!