Friday, December 01, 2006

Snow Day!!

Today we woke up to this! I love snow. I just don't like that everyone has to drive in it. My husband left verrrry early this morning and I haven't heard from him....I'm hoping he got to work ok.
This is my wonderful son. He is training as a pipefitter, but since they are working outside installing water mains, he did not work today. So instead he is digging out his grandparent's house.
Here was the view this morning out the kitchen window...warm inside, very chilly out! They called school off, so my daughter was elated!
This is my neighbor's cute puppy. He was having a great time playing in the snow, but when I came up he hid behind the tree. He is a rescued dog and still a puppy, so he may have very good reasons to be shy.

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occasionalconfusion said...

All the pics are great but Being a dog-lover I can't help going AAAWWWW at your neighbor's puppy. I actually adopted a doggie from the shelter 3 weeks ago. Maggie that's her name :-)