Thursday, December 28, 2006

Kitchen Remodel Part One-The Before

This post will start the story of our kitchen remodel. It will take several posts because first we just did cosmetic fix up so we did not go crazy. Then eventually we did a real, true, bite the bullet and spend money remodel. But first, when we moved here 19 years ago our kitchen looked like this:

It featured very dark brown cabinets made of some kind of unattractive wood, a very small north facing aluminum window, and several layers of unattractive vinyl flooring. Not to mention that it was just yucky......tons of cleaning before we moved in. Yes this is my unattractive stuff in here---but rememeber it was 1988. I had a lot of unfortunate pseudo-country decorating stuff.

This is our adorable son making OJ. He was a joy....he's 6 foot 5 inches now! And still a joy, but back to the kitchen. It was just depressing and we just had to do something because with a little one and another on the way, that kitchen was not getting remodeled anytime soon.

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