Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sanity Saving, Money Saving...First After

As I mentioned in the last post, we needed to do something to the kitchen so we could live there and not go crazy. My husband came from a long line of "don't paint wood" folks. I needed light! So since this is basically "my office" and I spend a lot of time in there, I convinced him that it would be ok to paint those cabinets. I painted them all in oil base paint...and I am glad I did because we lived with it like this for many years and that paint wore very well. Walls were painted a pretty yellow and the orange formica was replaced with more formica in an easier to live with color. We still did not build more cabinets which is why you see the microwave hanging from straps and missing cabinetry next to and over the fridge. We did put new hinges and hardware on the cabinets though.

The little door to the right is the entrance to the "broken bathroom."
As you can see this was when we moved the washer and dryer out of our unpleasant basement and for a long time they lived here in the kitchen. On the other side of the fridge wall was a truly ugly, small family room. Tomorrow, I'll try to round up some pics of that and show you how we opened it all up for a nice big "keeping room."

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