Monday, February 22, 2010

South Point Banyan Treehouse

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Now, I will admit that we didn't stay in this tree house. We passed it on a drive around the south end of the island. But I love tree houses and this one is seems just about of these days I'd like to try it. It's built under a big old banyan tree and when you are inside, you definitely get the tree house effect.
Here's the view off of the deck. There's a hot tub on the deck so you can do some star gazing...and let me tell you, the star gazing is amazing on the big island. It's very dark and I've never seen so many stars. We met the owner in the yard as we were passing by and he let us in to take a look around:
Look at those huge limbs through the windows! The roof is windowed in many places too, so you are looking right up into the foliage.
It was very clean and comfy looking. I think I could move into this little place and never leave. The tree house sleeps 2 and is afforadable at $100 a night.
Visit their website for a tour and more information. As I said, I haven't stayed here yet, but I've looked it up they have received many positive reviews.

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