Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rainbow Falls, Hilo, Hawaii

One day in Hilo, we decided to check out the waterfalls. Rainbow Falls is a spectacular falls, and still beautiful even now, but they have been having a drought so it was just a trickle. Compare the picture above to the one Joe and I took when we were there a year ago:
Just upstream is Pe'e Pe'e Falls. Here it is this year:
and the same falls last year:
Beautiful either way, but definitely a different scene!
The dry conditions gave Jennifer and I a chance to see the riverbed that is usually underwater. Fun to climb around in and some kids were using the water that was left as a swimming hole.
At the top of the Rainbow Falls is a huge banyan tree. This is only a small portion of it....looks like something out of Avatar, doesn't it?!
Fun day!

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Julie said...

I wanna go there!!! Beautiful!

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