Thursday, February 25, 2010

Scenic Hamakua Coast

As you head north of Hilo on highway 19, look for a little sign that says "Hamakua Coast Scenic Drive." Be sure to take it! You won't be sorry, because every inch of the four miles is worth a picture. Don't worry, I didn't load this post up with all of them! I have to confess though, that it took us a couple of hours to cover the four miles because we kept getting out of the car to take walks and shoot pictures!

While we were admiring this waterfall, a local man came up, cigarette in mouth, and did a backflip off the bridge into the's deep! Later in the trip, Jennifer and I came back to this waterfall and pool and went swimming.
Here Jennifer and I are trying to stay dry while exploring a stream.
That didn't work too well, and we found it was actually easier and more fun to just walk in the water. If you don't own Teva sandals for hiking, get some and your feet will thank you!
This is Ted, a friend from way back when I was in college. He lives near Hilo now and we had a great time catching up on the last 30 years (am I really that old?!). He also knew lots of helpful information about what to visit and where to eat!

Jennifer and Ted really are following a trail here, but I think the rainforest covers up trails pretty quickly!The Hilo side of the island is loaded with lush vegetation and waterfalls and streams at every turn....

 ...sometimes you can see the ocean on one side and turn your head and see a waterfall from the same spot. Absolutely beautiful.


Jenny said...

Beautiful photos!! I just got a great deal on some Teva's I couldn't pass up - $13!! (Regular $45). I usually wear flip flops, but can see how Teva's would help with the slippery rocks. My husband loves his. :)

pedalpower said...

Wow Jenny, that was a great deal! They are the best for hiking in the wearing hiking boots, but without the hot feet!