Sunday, April 12, 2009

We're on the island of Hawaii...

housesitting for Ted..which of course means he was sweet to let us use his house as our own. This morning we ate fresh fruit that he left for us for breakfast. I had never had the spiky fruit before..rambutan. Peel the skin off and they look like big grapes, and taste even better!

The view out the front door. They have a tiny little frog here that makes a lot of noise, but I rather like it!

After a relaxing morning laying around eating fruit and deciding what to do today, we headed into Hilo. To me it felt like were were getting a late start, but actually it was still pretty early! The five hour time difference was working with us at this point!

Hilo is a charming little town, and has just about everything you could need...even a nice art store.

Joe getting ready to check out a store that has snorkeling supplies.

Then we headed north and took a very scenic seems there was a waterfall at every curve in the road.

Alakahi Trail led us to this beautiful spot. Onomea Bay.

Here we are trying to take a photo of ourselves as we walk to Akaka Falls. We aren't as good at the arm length photo thing as the kids are....might have something to do with the fact that you look a lot better at arm's length when you are still in your teens!

Akaka beautiful!
While in Hilo we bought these prints by Eide Hansamut. I love them. Joe seems to be fondest of the middle one with the beautiful lady. As always, you can click on any of the photos to see them larger.

Now it's raining like you wouldn't believe! Hope this post makes's only 9:40 here, but my body still thinks it's 2:40am!


Dot said...

It is all so beautiful. I can't imagine living in paradise every day. I think I would get immune to beautiful and where do you go from there? LOL I hope you are having a fantastic time!

Judy said...

What a beautiful place. I'm sure you both are having an awesome time.

pedalpower said...

Immune to beauty? Nope, I don't think that would happen to you, Peggy. You always seem to appreciate the beauty around you, even if it's hard to find that day!