Monday, April 20, 2009

On Oahu in Hawaii

This island has plenty of sand beaches...this little one is tucked in between a few rock outcroppings.

Beautiful. I'm using my sunglasses here to polarize it for you so you can see how wonderfully clear the water is. It's beautiful, but this island is much more busy and crowed than Hawaii. I liked the north end best...the vegetation is more lush on that side. We sat on Sunset Beach for a while and watched the surfers. I don't think I have a pic of that end of the island though...I was too busy enjoying the scenery to take pics I guess!

Here's the view of Waikiki Beach out our hotel window. We stayed one night at Hilton Hawaiian Village. It was very nice and our room was beautiful. A bit of an attitude problem with some of the staff there...first time I've seen that at a Hilton I think.

Another view from the hotel room...Honolulu is such a big, busy city.

The next morning...such a nice view to wake up to!

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Dot said...

Beautiful pics!