Monday, April 20, 2009

Catching up on the Hawaii Trip

I've been seeing Hawaii at a pretty good pace and not blogging..but today I'm relaxing and thought I'd catch you up on some of the highlights. This pic is proof positive that I do sometimes get up before sunrise. Doesn't happen often though. With scenery this beautiful, it's worth it!

This is a memorial for the 21 school children and 3 adults who were lost in the 1946 tsunami at Laupahoehoe Point. A touching and sobering reminder of the power of the sea. You can read the stories of the people who one case it was a mom and several of her children. Breaks your heart. The park here is so beautiful.

Waves crashing in at Laupahoehoe Point.

We checked out the ranch country on the island of Hawaii...

so completely different from the tropical areas, and so vast!

One day we ended the day in Hilo...we visited some caves formed by the tubes through which the lava flowed.

Once we squeezed through this little hole in the back of the cave opening, it opened up into huge rooms. It was very cool...I couldnt' get a decent pic because I didn't bring a big enough flash light, and my flash wouldn't reach out far enough.

Rainbow Falls in Hilo.

Another day we went to Volcanoes National Park. These are steam vents. The rain water seeps down and is heated by the molten rock, then it escapes as steam through any cracks in the earth.

Just amazing how our earth is created...and is still being created.


Dot said...

I feel like I'm getting an education by reading your blog and Facebook accounts.

Teri C said...

Oh gosh, we were in the cave also!! It is so fun to look through your memories.

Penny For Your Thoughts said...

Are you home yet, or are you still gallavanting? Or maybe, you are still recovering from Jet Lag? Miss you... and pantingly waiting for more pics of your vacation in Hawaii.

Penny Sue