Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Another Man's Treasure

While were were in Michigan I wanted to visit some of the people and shops I visit on the internet. My sister, my mom and I reserved a day and took off across the state of Michigan. Our first stop was "Another Man's Treasure" in Plainwell, MI. We met Sharon, who owns the shop..in the picture above she is standing in the doorway...probably thinking, "thank goodness those crazy ladies are finally leaving!"
If you frequent the HGTV Trash to Treasure message board you have probably been inspired by Sharon who posts as "Sharon S" on the board. She makes wonderfully imaginative furniture (like the cupboard above) and accessories from things most people throw away. I want that cupboard in my living room!
Sharon was so sweet to us. She took us out her backdoor and showed us where some of her great junk is stored...that's the back door above. The back of the shop is cute too! Sometimes people just leave things back there that they think she'll be able to use.
Then she took me to her workroom. What a treat...this lady has a ton of good pieces parts for making things and the creative mind and know-how to do it.
She had dressers, benches, endtables, buffets, even a kitchen island all crafted from junk.

I bought this little table. It's going on my porch as a coffee table in front of our glider. I can't wait to get it home. We still have to pick it up this weekend...there wasn't room in the truck on the way home last weekend.
We had a wonderful time visiting Sharon and seeing her creations. Thanks Sharon!

Plainwell is a nice small town...we would have liked to have the time to shop at the other little shops, but we had to get back on the road to visit Red Shoes and Feather Your Nest. I'll share that part of the trip in my next post.


NJTomboy said...

Very nice entry.. I am glad you got to meet Sharon. One day I will too....

oliveoyl64 said...

Oh you lucky duck. You got to meet the master in person. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

Julie said...

What a fun trip! I would love to do that. Can't wait to hear about the other stores.

Jennifer said...

Amazing furniture! I love that stuff.